Our Lady of Miracles Rosary Necklace

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The rosary is thought to have originated in the year 1208. The cross, as a symbol of Christendom, is loved as a spiritual, protective and ornamental emblem throughout the entire world.

Not so long ago, one could browse the stalls of French antique markets and come upon desirable little objects that had been loved through several generations of owners. Some believe that each owner has imparted a bit of their personal spirit and history that makes pondering such objects all the more compelling. That is the case with this rosary. An elderly friend often mentioned that during the Nazi occupation of Paris, she kept her mother's rosary with her at all times. It was a mix of pearls and stars of Bethlehem with a floral cross. Working from her description as inspiration, I designed this rosary. As much as it is graceful and delicate, it is also powerful and mystical. It is an object of love, adoration and strength.

Created in bronze with Swarovski pearls and crystal beads. The five decades are 22" long and 5" more to the cross.